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Wild Animals Of The North by Dieter Braun

Take a journey into the farthest corners of the northern hemisphere. Dieter Braun's Wild Animals Of The North will take you on an epic adventure as you dive with great dolphins to the depths of the ocean, burrow through the undergrowth with wild boar, trot across the dry steppes with two-humped camels and climb high mountain peaks with the markhor. 

Bringing a slew of knowledge and information about the wildlife in the far north, Dieter Braun indulges, engages and entertains with this encyclopedia. Enticing factual storytelling juxtaposed against captivating visual illustrations. 

Did you know that the Kodiak bear is amongst the largest land-dwelling carnivore in the world, and can grow up to three metres in length and weigh almost 800 kilogrammes? 

"Orcas are also known as 'Killer Whales', but 'Whale Killers' would be a better name; other kinds of whales and small dolphins are part of their diet."

What makes the blue-footed booby so special is -- of course -- its beautiful blue feet. But why are they blue? There are two reasons. 

This is definitely a book that is going to awe your kids if they are in love with the wilderness and curious about the north. A beautifully bound hardcover that is going to be on their shelves for a very long time. 


Wild Animals Of The North is published by Nobrow Press Ltd., and distributed in Canada by PGC Books

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