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Mom, Dad, Our Books And Me

Reading connects. 

That is the simple premise of this book. 

A boy loves hanging out with his family, as they all busy themselves in a book. 

The boy then points out various characters, those that can't or won't read. The mouse who hasn't learnt yet, the goldfish who prefers to watch TV, and Gracie the cat who is "much too busy". 

But, the boy is proud of his own reading ability. He is happy to tell us about the other people in his life who love to read. He also points out that sometimes reading takes different forms. 

His aunt reads sheet music and tells wonderful stories makes of sound. 

The neighbour shivers as she reads stories about pirates, while swinging in her hammock.  

There is a flow to the book and the illustrations are wonderful in creating the narrative and drawing more interest in the story. 

A slight critique of the book was that the story tried to do too much. It would have been nice for the focus to be more on the family and reading (as the title suggests). As the boy starts to tell the story outside his family, like at the train station or the palm reader, it felt a bit far-fetched for my scrutinizing adult brain. But, kids will not be analyzing it to the degree that I am, so pick it up and let me know what you think. 
    Mom, Dad, Our Books And Me published by Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL 

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