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Helen Borten's two books from Flying Eye Books pair vivid poetry with images. Do You See What I See is the visual version that attempts to introduce children to art and the visual beauty found in our everyday world. Do You Hear What I Hear, connects children with the world through sound. 

Do You See What I See takes kids through a journey using a simple premise: a line, a shape, a colour. Tackling each of these at a time, Helen Borten introduces kids to a visual play. 

"Up and down lines pull me up, up, up with them, until I feel as tall as a steeple and as taut as a stretched rubber band. I think of lofty things -- giant redwood trees, a lighthouse rising above the sea, a rocket soaring high into the sky, noble kinds in flowing robes." 

"Flat lines, side by side, make me feel calm and peaceful. 
I think of ploughed fields stretch in across the countryside." 

"Colors can be pale and timid as a mouse -- 
or dark and mysterious as the night."

Do You Hear What I Hear has a similar rhythmic play about it. 

"I hear sounds everywhere around me.
Sounds can do many different things. 
They can put me to sleep -- like a lullaby. 
Or they can wake me up -- like an alarm clock.
They can take me by surprise -- like a sneeze. 
Or they can follow me -- like an echo." 

Helen Borten's simple illustrations lend play to the words but do not distract them. The words and sounds and visual imagination continue to dominate story time, making these books powerful in helping develop young minds. 

Do You See What I See / Do You Hear What I Hear is published by Flying Eye Books, and distributed in Canada by PGC Books

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