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The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

The cover and the title tell it all. Horror and suspense lovers will be enthralled by this premise. A rich American tourist hiking deep in the jungle of Peru is attacked by an unidentified black skittering mass. Upon close examination, the black mass appears to be spiders.
The American tourist quickly attempts to flee from the region in his private plane, but it is a little too late and the determined creatures have already managed to take refuge in his plane and even his body. Mid air, even more creepy things start to happen and the flight crew are eaten alive. 
An FBI Agent investigating the plane crash thousands of miles away makes a gruesome discovery. A spider, still alive, surfaces from one of the victims.
In an earthquake lab in Kanpur, India, seismic activity is registering as unusual.
In a lab in Washinton, D.C. a mysterious package arrives by overnight FedEx from South America. The contents – a dormant egg from an ancient species of archnids.
Are you keeping up with the story of 

The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close

What do we have if we don’t have hope?
There are many layers of meaning embedded in Jennifer Close’s The Hopefuls
The setting is Washington D.C. and the novel begins at the start of Obama's first campaign to office; hopefuls descend onto the capital from across the nation. They have one thing in common: they are hopeful about the future. In the next four years, they are determined to accelerate their career in politics and perhaps change the world while doing so.
The central characters in The Hopefuls are Beth and her husband Matt. Matt has recently decided to pursue his love of politics much to Beth's chagrin. But, like a dutiful wife, she follows her husband to the city that is home to the powerful and those wishing to be. 
"So, yeah, Matt told me about his aspirations right after we met. But my high school boyfriend wanted to be a rapper, and turned out to be an accountant, so I don't think I can be blamed for not taking it all too seriously."
Initially, Beth hat…

Wild Animals Of The North by Dieter Braun

Take a journey into the farthest corners of the northern hemisphere. Dieter Braun's Wild Animals Of The North will take you on an epic adventure as you dive with great dolphins to the depths of the ocean, burrow through the undergrowth with wild boar, trot across the dry steppes with two-humped camels and climb high mountain peaks with the markhor. 

Bringing a slew of knowledge and information about the wildlife in the far north, Dieter Braun indulges, engages and entertains with this encyclopedia. Enticing factual storytelling juxtaposed against captivating visual illustrations. 

Did you know that the Kodiak bear is amongst the largest land-dwelling carnivore in the world, and can grow up to three metres in length and weigh almost 800 kilogrammes? 

"Orcas are also known as 'Killer Whales', but 'Whale Killers' would be a better name; other kinds of whales and small dolphins are part of their diet."

What makes the blue-footed booby so special is -- of course -…

BLOG TOUR | The Narcissist: A Dark Journey by Jon D. Zimmer (POST JULY 19)

About the book: Charlotte Prentice literally has everything: beauty, intellect, wealth. She is also very dangerous. Driven dispassionately to success, the reader must decide Charlotte's guilt or innocence. After reading The Narcissist: A Dark Journey, what will be your verdict in the case of Charlotte Prentice? Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense Pages: 255 Release Date: July 19, 2016 Blog Tour Date: 19 - 26 July 2016 Post Review: any time     In The Narcissist: A Dark Journey, Charlotte Prentice is beautiful, intellectual and dangerous. She will do whatever it takes to achieve the adoration and success she desires. Who is this woman whose beauty is only overshadowed by her intellect? Charlotte herself doesn't know. Outwardly, she is a woman who fights against discrimination and poverty, an advocate of education and freedom. To the onlooker, Charlotte is perfection. But on the inside, there is something darker lurking, something that pushes her single-minded plans f…

Do You ....



Helen Borten's two books from Flying Eye Books pair vivid poetry with images. Do You See What I See is the visual version that attempts to introduce children to art and the visual beauty found in our everyday world. Do You Hear What I Hear, connects children with the world through sound. 

Do You See What I See takes kids through a journey using a simple premise: a line, a shape, a colour. Tackling each of these at a time, Helen Borten introduces kids to a visual play. 

"Up and down lines pull me up, up, up with them, until I feel as tall as a steeple and as taut as a stretched rubber band. I think of lofty things -- giant redwood trees, a lighthouse rising above the sea, a rocket soaring high into the sky, noble kinds in flowing robes." 

"Flat lines, side by side, make me feel calm and peaceful. 
I think of ploughed fields stretch in across the countryside." 

"Colors can be pale and timid as a mouse -- 
or dark and mysterious as …

The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas

Characters that all have plant names. Subject matter that make you feel all grown up. Writing that feels stellar, yet confusing at the same time. Perhaps The Seed Collectors is a book that was meant to be something different to every reader. 
Topics such as love, sex, affairs, are discussed in everyday conversations in a perfunctory fashion. There’s a lot of talk about sex. It’s in your face, and concurrently broaches taboos such as incest, illegitimate offspring, adultery…you name it, Scarlett Thomas has gone there. There is a piercing honesty to the book that makes you gasp, yet it makes it relatable, especially if you’ve grown up with the bold crass British humour. 
But The Seed Collectors is a complex read. Starting off with the death of Great Aunt Oleander, the story takes you on a family adventure. One by one secrets are revealed, rivalries are formed, and it seems to meander back to sex. Now you see why I made that earlier comment about the book making you feel “all grown up”. Fr…