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DHARMA DELIGHT a Visionary Post Pop Comic Guide to Buddhism & Zen

A Fun Way To Learn About Dharma Illustrated In Comic Format 

How do you teach kids about Dharma, and make them excited about  the teachings of Buddhism and Zen? "Musho" Rodney Alan Greenblat has figured out a way to bring his own experience into a creative, fun comic book. Topics covered are the central teachings of Buddhism: the Four Novel Truths, the Sutras, the Bodhisattvas, and most of all, the profound teaching of Buddhanature and one's own role in the world. 

The book is powerful in its simplicity. The illustrations are lively, yet juxtaposed beautifully against the serious topic. It is a truly delightful book for adults and children to read. The comic aspect of it adds a friendly, visual touch that is relatable and readable. 

The idea is that Dharmas appear everywhere if we are awake to them. Some Dharmas are very difficult and require hardship and long hours of practice. Often the most challenging teachings are the ones that offer the most insight and unexpected gateways to FREEDOM.

For any kid (or adult) contemplating the meaning of life, Dharma Delight is a guide that will enlighten their thoughts and lead them through a serious of discovery. One that will be truly joyous and meaningful. 

Highly recommend this book. 

5/5 Sukasa Stars 

Dharma Delight is published by Tuttle Publishing, and distributed in Canada by PGC Books

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