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Dad Deserves The Best


David Bez 

David Bez of Salad Pride is back with perfect little bowls of quick, healthy breakfasts. Due to a lack of time, we tend to rush out the door and grab whatever we can, without thinking about it properly. Breakfast thought is the most important meal of the day.

"A good breakfast propels you towards the day and the challenges ahead." 

There are 2 basic rules:

1. The food you eat needs to be tantalizing and colourful in order to appeal to your eyes and imagination.
2. Try and use ingredients that are unrefined or as close to their natural state as possible. 


David Livermore 

How do you nurture various points of view and turn them into new solutions. David Livermore shows you how. By drawing on a vast body of research from creativity, innovation, and social psychology; including interviews, focus groups and success stories from Google, Alibaba, Novartis, IKEA, P&G and more, Driven By Difference helps you create physical environments that foster focused thinking. He'll show you how to redesign the physical space to serve as an idea incubator. 


The Hidden Art Of Illustrators & Creators 
Richard Brereton

"If you lie in a field, it's only by picking up one single blade of grass, and looking at it close up that you will really see the colour and the form that makes up "grass". "
This collection of pages from sketchbooks helps us take a bite out of the daily lives of creative people. Richard Brereton found that sketchbooks had a lot of similarities. Not all entries are important, but most are necessary. You need to sort through the everyday to reach that Aha moment. It's is great to see creators use their sketchbooks as a place to play, a freedom lounge and an escape from work. It is a reminder that the creative mind is constantly ticking. 

Katie C. Keally 

Discover your passion as you step out of your comfort zone and create the success you want. The book contains inspiring stories of people who hit critical junctures and broke though fears and limitations to make a change. Filled with guideposts for finding your true calling calling and improving your ability to take risks, build alliances, project confidence, and create trust and goodwill in your life and work. 
Whether you're just beginning the search for your dream job or have hit a pivotal point in your career, Career Courage will empower you to launch onto the path towards a more fulfilling and rewarding future. The book walks you through the vital process of analyzing your motivations, taking stock of strengths, and mustering the courage to stage your next act. 

Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg is a pro when it comes to inspiring motivation and helping people achieve their goals one step at a time. After all, he wrote The Power Of Habit a few years ago. 

Smarter, Faster, Better is a book about how to recognize the choices that fuel true productivity. It all boils down to eight things. The first being motivation. 

“The need for control is a biological imperative” a study found. When people believe they are in control, they tend to work harder and push themselves more. Motivation though is not that easy. Occasionally, to really self-motivate we need something more.  


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