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This House Is Alive by Scot Ritchie

What better than #NationalRealEstateDay to review My House Is Alive

"Have you ever noticed there are some noises you only hear at night?"

This kids'  book is an exploration and explanation of the noises a house makes. 

From knocks, thumps, banks, to trickles, creaks and gurgles, a house is full of those curious sounds. But, the book is neat in that it teaches kids not to fear them and gives them a scientific reason for their occurrence. 

Kids are introduced to the basic scientific concepts, from energy, structures and matter. For those little science nerds, this book will entertain for hours and hours. And, you may have to be all ears when they the little know-it-alls repeat it back to you. 

    This House Is Alive is published by Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL 

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