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Skunk On A String by Thao Lam

Wordless. Playful. Dreamy.

Skunk On A String is the brainchild of debut writer/illustrator Thao Lam. Coming from a background in graphic design, Thao Lam tells a story that is bold and daring, without any words and full of visuals that string us along for a beautiful ride. These pictures really do tell a thousands words.

Watch the book trailer from Owl Kids

The skunk drifts through the city, one leg tangled in the string of a red balloon. People are amused as the skunk passes by, not knowing what to make of this bizarre sight. One of his first interactions is with a woman who is hanging her laundry to dry on a clothes line. She tries to save the skunk with a pair of boxer shorts, but alas the skunk cannot grab on. 
The red balloon carries him high into the sky at the top of a building construction site, where the workers are sitting on the beam eating their lunch. While some of them are afraid of the skunk, one steelworker worker offers his sandwich. 
Thao Lam at Type Books Toronto

This cheers up the skunk and after that he starts to enjoy his journey, floating through the zoo, and even pulling a startled elephant's trunk. But the elephant is not amused and trumpets the skunk into oncoming traffic. 

The skunk floats into a garbage truck where he enjoys a sausage link. The journey continues and you can feel the sense of adventure and enjoyment. Here, Thao Lam's drawings create a space that oozes freedom and wonder. We float with wide-eyed amazement as the journey gives us a birds-eye view over colourful sailboats, a tour over the desert landscape, and a sneak peak at a circus tents and ferris wheel. Thao Lam's illustrations capture the moment with an enthusiasm and realism that cannot be expressed in words. 

Ages 3-7 

    Skunk On A String is published by Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL 

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