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GIRAFFE on a BICYCLE by Julia Woolf

A simple premise. 
Monkey finds a bicycle. 
Luckily, giraffe knows how to ride it....

And, although they have to wiggle and wobble to find the perfect balance, they are able to pedal along for a bumpety bump ride. Practice makes perfect after all. 

Along the way, other animals in the jungle join them for some fun, one by one. From the sleepy stripy tiger, the leaping lemurs, to the slithering snake and crocodile...there's no discrimination on this bicycle. As monkey says, "Plenty of room for you!" 

But soon, they are WHOOSHING through the jungle so fast that it's not surprising that the are headed for a crash. 

But, Julia Woolf throws in a wonderful message of teamwork. All the animals have something to contribute to fixing the bicycle. 

Snake snatches the saddle.
Giraffe grabs the basket.

Everyone has a part and knows exactly what to do. 

Cute. Adorable. Unexpected. 

Julia Woolf is the author and illustrator of this bright, bold book. A great story time book for kids who want a new jungle book tale to add to their repertoire. 

Giraffe On A Bicycle is published by Pan Macmillan and distributed in Canada by PGC Books

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