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Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Assembled

Black Widow in action.
Fans Assemble! With Captain America: Civil War releasing in North American theaters on May 6 and a steady stream of Marvel superhero movies being released from now till May 2019, culminating in The Avengers: Infinity War (Part 2) finale, there's plenty to keep fans of the genre busy and satiated. 

But what about the comic books? 

Thanos - the nemesis in The Infinity Wars
I recall collecting (and spending a lot of money on) the Marvel Universe comic books as a kid --alas, like many a fanboy -- but honestly, once those were bagged in mylar, stored with acid-free backing boards, and locked up in a temperature controlled cabinet they were seldom opened again. 

For those who love the Marvel Universe in general and The Avengers in particular, there's nothing that compares to the DK's The Avengers Encyclopedia

The Hulk features in Greatly Gifted chapter
of DK's The Avengers Encyclopedia
This isn't a regular encyclopedia -- remember those big books those of us old enough looked up for information before it became ubiquitous to "Google" everything -- this is a well-made, handsome hardcover, repleted with beautiful pictures and factoids that few except the most fanatical fans will be aware of. Originally released in the Fall of 2015, DK's The Avengers Encyclopedia is up-to-date on comic books'  timelines, and provides an indispensable reference for those interested in the characters, major plot-lines and the minutiae relating to "Earth's Mightiest Heroes."  
An illustration of Thor in More Than Mortal
chapter of DK's The Avengers Encyclopedia 

Author's Matt Forbeck, Matthew K. Manning, Dan Wallace, Alan Cowsill and Glenn Dakin, have complied a 350-page cornucopia in an engaging fashion, foregoing the alphabetic mode of information telling in favour of seven key chapters: Greatly Gifted, Upgraded, Mystic Ways, Never Surrender, More Than Mortal, Shoulder to Shoulder, and Key Storylines.

And while the pages are replete with superb illustrations of various styles, the essential facts behind each character are there for easy reference (in a Data File), as this picture of the Black Panther points out. Furthermore, friends and foes of each hero are there for quick reference.

As someone who spent too much on comic books as a kid, I can objectively say that DK's The Avengers Encyclopedia is a steal. Who said reading an encyclopedia has to be boring? Pick this up before all the movies come out and re-visit it over time. I found it a lot of fun and it brought back a lot of fond memories. 

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