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A Dog Day for Susan by Maureen Fergus and Monica Arnaldo

This is the third book I've read by Maureen Fergus, and by far the most advanced. The first book, And What If I Won't, was interesting premise and a hilarious read when you put into context of children misbehaving. With InvisiBill, Maureen Fergus captured a snapshot of life today, where both parents work, and technology rules our lives. And, she did it with a brilliant tongue-and-cheek style that delivers maximal impact and drama, while continuing to keep the rhythm of the narrative. 

Now, her new book A Dog Day For Susan is published by Owl Kids, and captures a different point of view. But keeping true to her writing style, Maureen Fergus attempts to give a bit of feistiness to the main character in her story.

Great Aunt Alice, and her dog, Susan, are slated to visit Spencer and his family. Spencer has been told that Susan is very dignified and graceful, a bit unlike his own unruly pup, Barney. With an open point of view, Spencer is happy to oblige; both he an Barney look forward to another companion to play with. 

But, when Susan arrives, it is clear that she just isn't interested in the same things a "regular" dog loves. This includes, eating garbage, barking at buses and cyclists, and being defiant when asked by its owner to do something. 

Spencer and Barney are not deterred. They will attempt to change Susan and make her a "regular" dog, convinced that she will be more happier this way, compared to the prim and proper dog her owner Great Aunt Alice wants her to be. 

Will Susan comply? Will she stay the same? The answers are yours to discover in A Dog Day For Susan.

    A Dog Day For Susan is published by Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL 

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