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Somewhere high up in the sky, Snowflake meets Inkdrop and it's love at first sight. 

But how did they meet? Each character has a story and they are both equally dreamy and superbly creative. 

There is no front-to-back to this book. You could read Snowflake's story first or Inkdrop's. 

Start. Flip. Start Again. Fall Hopeless In Love.

Will you love Inkdrop's story more, or will Snowflake's adventure make your heart flutter? The question is rhetorical, because it most certainly is a tough decision. But the beauty is, that in the middle somewhere their stories intertwine to create a most unexpected love story. Which is probably why this would make a charming wedding gift, just as much as it would be awe-inspiring gift for the 6 to 9 year old.

How do two very different individuals, whom you would never ever in a million years think would ever have a chance of becoming friends, meet? What do they see in each other that makes them fall in love? 

From far, far away, a snowflake drifts towards town. He knows he will soon fall from the sky, as he has always imagined...But where will he land?  

Elsewhere, in an artist's studio, an inkdrop sits beside her bottle. She dreams of becoming part of one of the beautiful drawings around her.

Every love story has two sides to it, and Pierdomenico Baccalario, Alessandro Gatti and Simona Mulazzani have beautifully captured it in The Story Of Snowflake And Inkdrop.

The book is life-sized, which makes it all the more special when presented to a child. Beautiful spellbinding illustrations, and other great printing techniques are incorporated throughout the pages, including laser-cut snowflakes and inkdrops, which allow you to immerse yourself fully in the characters and see the world through their perspective. The book has been so creatively put together, that it's hard not to believe in love after reading The Story Of Snowflake and Inkdrop....or, of Inkdrop and Snowflake. 

The Story Of Snowflake And InkDrop is published by Enchanted Lion Books. 

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