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Into The Snow by Yuki Kaneko. Illustrated by Masamitsu Saito.

Told from a child's point of view, Into The Snow is a story of discovery and independence. 

Into The Snow is a celebration of one of my most dreaded seasons of the year. But, why should a kid be a pessimist like moi? Yuki Kaneko's debut children's book explores the optimism and fun that a child experiences while playing in the snow. 

The illustration exhibits the sheer joy that the child feels looking outside his window. Notice, how brilliantly illustrator Masamitsu Saito has drawn this particular scene. Without showing the face of the child, the emotion evoked is so powerful. Curiosity, wonder and excitement. 

The storytelling is simple and straightforward. It really is the illustrations that up the ante in this book, and add drama and intrigue. The artwork is unusually unique, created with oil pastels, gouache, acrylic colure, and colour pencils.

Into The Snow focuses on honing and celebrating the child's independence. This makes this children's book intriguing. The child is all on his own discovering the outdoors (although you are still aware that mommy is close by keeping a watchful eye). 

This kid is on a roll, having such an adventure, discovering the basic joy of being outdoors on his sled. He bundles up (by himself) like mommy told him to do, and heads outside with his sled all ready to go (no need for mommy to coddle, or micromanage him). He's already learning the skills he needs to be independent and figure things out on his own. 

Perfect for toddler story-time. 

Into The Snow is published by Enchanted Lion Books and distributed in Canada by PGC Books. 

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