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Choose Your Days by Paula S. Wallace

Insightful. Sad. Beautiful.

Old Bear is the keeper of time and keys. When she was born, Corky was given a calendar for all of her days. It was time sensitive.

Corky is also given two lists - one for her dreams and one for her things to do. 

Old Bear gives her a key, and whispers a instruction:
"Choose your days, make them sunny or fray," 

Corky grows up to live her life with purpose, making every day count. Even when she is a little bent and gray, she continues to fill her day. Life becomes meaningful. 

Paula S. Wallace, who happens to be both the writer and illustrator, has captured Corky's journey onto adulthood with such beauty and simplicity, a feat that is quite rare to accomplish. Writers tend to want to add in frivolous works and illustrations to document that time. 

One of the most heartbreaking moments of the book was when Corky takes a few coins from her purse and writes to Old Bear, asking him for a bit more time. 

"For work undone. For play postponed.For music unsung." 

But just as in life, Corky is one day faced with the dreaded fate of choosing the key that unlocks the door to death. But, Old Bear is there for comfort and care, telling her not to worry. The last frame shows them walking hand in hand through the dark door.

The book is profound; it is a contemplation that leaves a visceral feeling for you as an adult. I can only imagine what it will do for a child. 

Choose Your Days is beautifully written and illustrated by Paula S. Wallace. You will want to make the most of your days and your life. 

Choose Your Days is published by Cinco Punto Press and distributed in Canada by PGC Books

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