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The Hero's Walk takes its final walk...

...As The Illegal Takes The Title! 

The votes are in, and Lawrence Hill's The Illegal was the book that stole the show this year at CBC Books #CanadaReads debates. 

I did predict that Adam (Edge) Copeland would be the deciding vote, and that's exactly what happened. Farah Mohamed voted for The Hero's Walk (no surprise there), Bruce Poon Tip voted for The Illegal (again not a surprise), so which way would Adam (Edge) Copeland vote was the question. 

The Illegal by Lawrence Hill has been chosen as the one book that all of Canada should read. Lawrence Hill already holds an earlier #CanadaReads title for his novel The Book Of Negroes, that was also subsequently made into an award-winning CBC mini-Series. 

There were some poignant moments in the debates that inspired and enlightened us. 

It tackles one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. about

gives a voice to the voiceless and a face to the faceless.

. loves how defended & calls her "the tsunami of goodness" |"What does home really mean"

"It was so intimate and plutonic. And that was my moment." on the (Tune in to the recap later)

"Keita Ali stirs every person he meets...One person starting over can enrich the lives of many."

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But, I believe that it was the question by Gill Deacon that was the final nail in putting The Hero's Walk to rest. I am a big #CanadaReads fan and year after year, I find that there's one question on the final round of debates that has the possibility to really set the course for the final decision. It's usually is an incredibly smart question that makes you pause and think and analyze. Gill Deacon also went one step further and asked the panelists to close their eyes as they listened to the question.

Q. by Which book best gets us the Canada you want to live in?

I would love to hear from Adam Copeland whether it was indeed that question that ultimately influenced his decision today.

Watch the Replay of the final day:

Congratulations Lawrence Hill.  
Congratulations Clara Hughes.  
And Congratulations to the publisher Harper Collins Canada.  
You took us all along for the race, and will continue to inspire a new generation of readers with The Illegal.  
Congratulations CBC Books on 15 years of Canada Reads.

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