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#CanadaReads Day One: My tweets

IT was a tough one. But the panelists were incredibly well versed, funny, respectful, and engaging.

Here is a preview of how it all went down on Day One of #CanadaReads. You will have to read it from bottom up to follow the conversation and debates. 

Showtime | Good luck all!

  1. Not a surprising vote by given what she said earlier in the debates.
  2. Drum roll please
  3. 2 votes against | 1 against | 2 against | is the deciding vote
  4.   Retweeted
    I am loving this years panelists. They're a smart, funny and insightful group of people.
  5. It is time to decide. (If you don't want any spoiler alerts....get off Twitter now!)
  6. surprised | He struggled the most about Henry's character. Why is he the way he is?
  7. Apparently disowning your kids is not just an Indian thing. relates.
  8. . loved . The father in the novel reminded her of her own dad who passed away 3 years ago of dementia.
  9. surprised the most. It brings out a lot of issues that we should be dealing with as a country.
  10. is the book that was surprised the most.
  11. . says surprised him the most. It engaged him. And he enjoyed reading it.
  12. Which book surprised you the most?
  13. "This book is going to help us build stronger families." says he understood his parents more and vice versa.
  14. "This is a timeless piece of writing."
  15. "Canada is seen as a place of refuge...we need to give faces to the faceless and voices to the voiceless"
  16. "How do you assimilate yourself into life after that..It's a love letter to Canada."
  17. "This is a book that challenges a lot of things we know in Canada today."
  18. "indigenous communities...their voice isn't being heard. Most written by men. Women's voices are not being heard.
  19. "Which of these novels is the most relevant to Canada today?"
  20. "You don't choose how you are going to start over. And that's called Life." defending |
  21. . chooses as the least embodiment of "starting over" because of its subtly.
  22. "Starting over is something you choose and want to do, and that doesn't happen." on
  23. . chooses as the one that least embodies the theme.
  24. . struggled with and felt he was borrowing someone else's life.
  25. "She has to start over every single time. She has the strength to leave what she knows & start over." defends
  26. "Starting about transformation." For says didn't embody the theme of transformation.
  27. "Life is about accepting the people you love."
  28. . says . Calls it negative. responds saying "relationships aren't black and white" |
  29. "Which of the novels least embodies the theme of starting over?"
  30. "There's no such thing as perfection." "That's poetry" says
  31. " is an exercise in keeping the wolves of the mind at bay."
  32. "The book of poignant moments that Canadians can relate to."
  33. "This is a novel that speaks the truth"
  34. "To say that they ARE illegal, is wrong...This book can help us connect with our own humanity"
  35. "The story from a foreign land may well be a story of our own."
  36. One phone call. A car crash. A dead daughter. Now he must learn how to love the lost bewildered granddaughter.1st he must forgive
  37. 60 secs on the clock starts now!
  38. One of the top 25 women of influence in Canada is championing by |
  39. "Not only should this be a book to read. But it's going to be a movie the whole world should watch."
  40. Showtime | Good luck all!
  41. An Olympian. An Actor. A Wrestler. An Activist. An Entrepreneur. starts now. May the best book win. joins the fun!