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#CanadaReads Day 3: Bye-Bye Birdie

Being in the #CanadaReads audience offers a whole new lens to view this highly-debated books competition. People all over the world are in awe of this amazing initiative by CBC every year (this is in fact the 15th year for #CanadaReads) and there were also quite a few tweets from our southern neighbours about  starting something like this over there. But,  as it stands now #CanadaReads is the one and only incredible , most hotly debatable book club in the world. And, in my opinion the panellists representing it and defending their books are top notch. Need I remind you who they are? 

An Olympian. A Wrestler. An Actor. An Activist. An Entrepreneur. 

Some of the controversial stuff...

At the start of today's debates, Farah Mohamed started off with this statement:
"It was disappointing....Yesterday was a difficult day, but it was also a very disturbing day. Bruce you said yesterday this is not IndiaReads it's CanadaReads...." 

If you'd like to know what that was all about, check out the recap.

Watch the Day 3 #CanadaReads Debates Recap.

60-sec opening statement by Bruce Poon Tip, Vinay Virmani and Clara Hughes were all incisive. Farah Mohamed commented on how incredible they were and was thankful that she didn't have to do one today since her book was eliminated in yesterday's debates. Bone & Bread was a book close to my heart, partially from having the honour of representing it in the discussion panel a few weeks prior at Toronto Reference Library with Host Mary Ito. 
Clara Hughes continues to impress, but Bruce Poon Tip and Vinay Virmani have been able to hold their own and spar tot to toe against this Olympian giant. Unfortunately, today was not Birdie's day. The book was eliminated in the debates. Two books now remain: The Hero's Walk by Anita Rau Badami and The Illegal by Lawrence Hill. Which one will win? Tune in tomorrow at 

Some of the notable moments of the day! 

Quotes from the opening statements: 

"I believe that this is not only going to be the book that Canada reads, but the one that Canada loves" ~ Vinay Virmani

"It's time to get personal. I was an Olympic athlete and one thing I loved about this novel is the running...The Illegal made me feel what it's like to be born to run." ~ Clara Hughes 

"The fundamental understanding in Birdie is that family and community are the basis of identity...Shelagh Rogers said that Birdie rewards the serious reader, Tracy Lindberg channeled this book and it's a gift. It's not a book that Canada should read, it's the book that Canada deserves to read." ~ Bruce Poon Tip

A FEW TWEETS from Day 3 of #CanadaReads. Good luck tomorrow to Lawrence Hill and Anita Rau Badami. May the best book win! 

"Easy speed comes from ten thousand hours of practice from a lifetime of mastering a technique & repetition"

"When you are hurt that deeply, you can't be the guiding light and Keita taught me that."

Loved this advice from Lawrence Hill. He's a class act indeed & as says "Canada's national treasure"

This probably was the most tweetable moment of the day.

Watch the #CanadaReads Debates at from March 24th to find out which book will win.

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