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#CanadaReads Day 2

Day 2 of #CanadaReads was a bit of an emotional roller coaster as Saleema Nawaz's book was eliminated from the running. 

Watch the replay of today's debates.

Bittersweet decision for myself since I represented Bone & Bread a few weeks ago at Toronto Reference Library. Farah Mohamed did an amazing job, but in the end was ganged up on. If you would like to know more about the book read my review here. You can also listen to an audio of my interview with Mary Ito of CBC Fresh Air, tune in now

The discussion has been incredibly invigorating. This year's panellists are prepared. They can defend their own books and also have a passion for some of their opponents' books.

Watch the #CanadaReads Debates at from March 21-24th to find out which book will win.

Follow the tweets to figure out what happened at the #CanadaReads Debates today! 

  1. . asks about his comment about the illegal. "What's wrong with will smith's 90 action movie?"
  2. It takes the time to explore the complicated relationship between two sisters.
  3. The characters didn’t have a redeeming quality. on
  4. I found it tedious. The impact the character could have had were lost in the details.
  5. You are trying to make the book respond to how you want it to respond.
  6. The path to reconciliation in Canada is compassion. Birdie is going to be a path for people to understand.
  7. The plight of indigenous women is a national disgrace.
  8. To be relatable it’s got to be an issue that’s really important. about |
  9. Wow, dad was the producer of Deepa Metha’s Water.
  10. . says that she likes that the wasn’t predictable.
  11. This book speaks to a universal issue of acceptance and tolerance.
  12. To just paint a beautiful picture of where we want to go in takes us awy from where we can go to
  13. . thought The Illegal was like a movie. Too simple.
  14. We have to understand the struggle that people have to accept refuges.
  15. The fictional setting made it too simple for me. talking about
  16. . knows how to make a case.
  17. Set it in an imaginary future. It allows imagination.
  18. Lawrence Hill is a Canadian treasure already because he’s a great writer.
  19. The Illegal is the only novel set in an imaginary place. Did that make it more powerful?
  20. It captures the complexity of a relationship not usually in the spotlight. Of Siblings.
  21. Great books transport you. Bone and Bread does all of that.
  22. This is starting over in a way that is meaningful to indigenous and non-indigenous people.
  23. For aboriginal people this is the only home they have known.
  24. Clean clear concise writing paints a picture for the reader.
  25. Unfortunately life doesn’t come with an instruction manual on relationships.
  26. Opening Statement Question: What makes the novel you are defending a great piece?
  27. I’ve enjoyed learning more about Canadian authors.
  28. The Competition Made Me Feel In Love With Fiction. @BrucePoonIt

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