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You Are One by Sara O'Leary

Sara O'Leary needs no introduction. She is the author of the popular children's book released last year This Is Sadiethat embarked on an adventure to remind us that anything is possible. 

You Are One is a new book released by Owl Kids Publishing, and it focuses on the fact that so much can change in just a year. It's sort of a love letter to a one-year-old. 

This nostalgic book for parents is a delightful emotional journey through their first year, jogging memories, and reminding them how much their baby has changed in the first year, learning to crawl and taking their first steps, to the foods they eat andthe games they play, and even their first words. It is charming in its story-telling approach by addressing the child directly. 

Memorable milestones are captured. 

Snippets of memories make you smile. 

Adorable, artistic and hip illustrations by Karen Klassen are a beautiful touch that do wonders at subtly tugging at your heartstrings. 

And you are reminded of some of your fa…

Margaret The First by Danielle Dutton

At a time when career paths were uncommon for women in general, let alone a pursuit of writing, Margaret Cavendish, the shy, gifted, and wildly unconventional 17th-century Duchess stepped into the unknown and came out relatively unscathed on the other side. 
As one of the Queen’s attendants and the daughter of a prominent Royalist, she was exiled to France when King Charles I was overthrown during the rise of Oliver Cromwell and the roundheads. Behind every great woman is a great man, and as fate would have it she met and married William Cavendish, who gave her the boost to follow her dream of writing. 
Her poems, considered widely unconventional, garnered varying degrees of affirmation and scorn--as is common with most writing; Margaret's poetry and prose was lauded by some, and criticized by others. 
Upon reviewing this book one thing was clear: the writing style of Danielle Dutton is pure joy. Simple, with a hint of insouciance in its approach as a piece of historical fiction, yet…

The Hero's Walk takes its final walk...

...As The Illegal Takes The Title! 

The votes are in, and Lawrence Hill's The Illegal was the book that stole the show this year at CBC Books #CanadaReads debates. 

I did predict that Adam (Edge) Copeland would be the deciding vote, and that's exactly what happened. Farah Mohamed voted for The Hero's Walk (no surprise there), Bruce Poon Tip voted for The Illegal (again not a surprise), so which way would Adam (Edge) Copeland vote was the question. 

The Illegal by Lawrence Hill has been chosen as the one book that all of Canada should read. Lawrence Hill already holds an earlier #CanadaReads title for his novel The Book Of Negroes, that was also subsequently made into an award-winning CBC mini-Series. 

There were some poignant moments in the debates that inspired and enlightened us.

2 hours ago It tackles one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. about

gives a voice to the voiceless and …

#CanadaReads Day 3: Bye-Bye Birdie

Being in the #CanadaReads audience offers a whole new lens to view this highly-debated books competition. People all over the world are in awe of this amazing initiative by CBC every year (this is in fact the 15th year for #CanadaReads) and there were also quite a few tweets from our southern neighbours about  starting something like this over there. But,  as it stands now #CanadaReads is the one and only incredible , most hotly debatable book club in the world. And, in my opinion the panellists representing it and defending their books are top notch. Need I remind you who they are? 

An Olympian. A Wrestler. An Actor. An Activist. An Entrepreneur. 
Some of the controversial stuff...

At the start of today's debates, Farah Mohamed started off with this statement:
"It was disappointing....Yesterday was a difficult day, but it was also a very disturbing day. Bruce you said yesterday this is not IndiaReads it's CanadaReads...." 

If you'd like to know what that was all abou…

#CanadaReads Day 2

Day 2 of #CanadaReads was a bit of an emotional roller coaster as Saleema Nawaz's book was eliminated from the running. 

Watch the replay of today's debates.

Bittersweet decision for myself since I represented Bone & Bread a few weeks ago at Toronto Reference Library. Farah Mohamed did an amazing job, but in the end was ganged up on. If you would like to know more about the book read my review here. You can also listen to an audio of my interview with Mary Ito of CBC Fresh Air, tune in now

The discussion has been incredibly invigorating. This year's panellists are prepared. They can defend their own books and also have a passion for some of their opponents' books.

Watch the #CanadaReads Debates at from March 21-24th to find out which book will win.

Follow the tweets to figure out what happened at the #CanadaReads Debates today! 

8h8 hours ago . asks about his comment about the illegal. "What…