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Valentine's Is...Saying More Than Just "You'll Do"


I'd still trade it for you.

That is the wonderful message in Vikki Vansickle & Cale Atkinson's new book If I Had A Gryphon

This is an adorable tale of a girl wishing she had mythical creatures as pets instead of the hamster she just got.  

Sam isn't impressed by the hamster and sighs: 
"He mostly eats and sleeps and hides And gets his shavings wet."

How boring! 

Who wouldn't dream of having a pet with strange exotic powers? Vikki Vansickle & Cale Atkinson have put together a delightful story that bounces in lyrical motion and captivates with beautiful brushstrokes. 

With a unicorn, Sam figures she'd be able to braid her silky mane, and shine her horn with candy corn to get a starry sheen. 

With a hippogriff she could do lots, like RUN and JUMP and FETCH! 

But what if she had a dragon? Wait a minute. She reckons that the dragon may have a temperamental SNOUT, and she'd need a fire extinguisher to put her sneezes out. 

And let's not forget the gryphon, who just may need flying EVERY day, regardless of the weather. 

Perhaps a hamster is not such a bad pet after all, Sam decides. So, she's going to stick with it. And in an adorable twist, Sam ends with the most lovable quote:

Now, wouldn't you agree that If I Had A Gryphon would make an adorable Valentine's Day gift for your child (5-7 years) or significant other? It just released today, so for sure they won't have a copy yet. Enjoy and let us know what you (or they) think. 
  Happy Valentine's Day! 

If I Had A Gryphon is published by Tundra Books, a division of Random House of Canada, a Penguin Random House Company.

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