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The More You'll Read, The More Places You'll Go

What new books will inspire young minds this year?

I was at the preview of Owl Publishing's Spring Book Launch and along with satiating my foodie palate with delicious appetizers from Les Louises (highly recommended if you are catering a party by the way), I also got a sneak peak of the hottest new children's books. 

The event was set in the backdrop of a delightful bookstore located in the heart of Trinity Bellwoods. Type Books is a breath of fresh air, a timely diversion from the experience at mega big box bookstores that populate the city. Cozy, comfortable, with a great selection of books in every nook. It's quite easy to navigate, and in a store of that size, I was amazed to see all the hot sellers on the market from genres ranging from culinary, to children's, to contemporary fiction. 

For starters, there's Skunk On A String, written/illustrated by Thao Lam. Thao is wonderfully down-to-earth --an illustrator at heart. Skunk On A String is fully descriptive with illustrations only --no words required as the pictures tell the story.  Kirkus Reviews described it as "wordless...colorful...hilarious...there are multiple reasons to return to the beginning." Float around with this little skunk as he finds his feet in the world. You can check out the Book Trailer here. 

Worms For Breakfast author Helaine Becker is no stranger to children's books. She and I apparently share a special love of all things food. Her book takes a wacky twist and is set in a zoo.

Here's are some other books from Owl Kids book launch: 
The Artist And Me - Shane Peacock 
Frank & Laverne - Dave Whamond and Jennifer Stokes    
Maya - Mahak Jain 
A Dog Day For Susan - Maureen Fergus & Monica Arnaldo 
Half Truths And Brazen Lies: An Honest Look At Lying - by Kira Vermond & Clayton Hanmer 
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