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A Week Without Tuesday by Angelica Banks

This is a sequel to Finding Serendipity. Another adventure with Tuesday and Baxterr as they return to the land of story.

Tuesday McGillycuddy loves to write, and is looking forward spending her summer with her family doing just that. Then the real and imaginary collide, setting off a course of action that will put them to the test and give them an adventure of a lifetime. 

Newspaper Headline:

Naturally, Tuesday's mom Serendipity and dad Denis panic after seeing the headline. Tuesday gets very anxious too. She knows something is very wrong there.  

There. It's a world that Tuesday had been to, as had Serendipity. There is a magical place that is the collective secret of every writer who ever lived. 

Now the writers on the front of the newspaper had been there. But, this time, instead of coming home safely (like they usually did to transcribe all the things they had touched and tasted and imagined), something seems to have gone horribly wrong. Somehow the writers have been knocked off course and not had the capability to journey back home. 

But despite Tuesday's dad taking her typewriter away from her (to protect her), she and her dog Baxterr are pulled into the magical place where all stories come from. A story had come to get her, and she had simply taken flight. 

The book also welcomes back one of the most famous characters from the first instalment of the series, Vivienne Small. Not only are there five books in the Vivienne Small series, written  by none other than, Serendipity Smith, but also films, stage plays and radio dramas. But now, Vivienne's world has been turned upside down. A Winged Dog has descended from the sky with an ominous message hidden in the dog's collar. Despite all the chaos, Baxterr is clearly delighted to see Vivienne again.

The story is charming and smart. Writers trapped in their own characters and whizzing off into their fictional worlds. What a concept! Angelica Banks (or should we say, authors Heather Rose and Danielle Wood) have us hooked. It's no wonder fans of the authors' first book anxiously await the release of this second version in the series.

A Week Without Tuesday is published by Henry Holt and Company, and distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books. The book releases March 2016.

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