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Lost in NYC by Nadja Spiegelman & Sergio Garcia Sanchez

An unforgettable train ride leads to an adventure that's these middle graders won't soon forget. It's a school trip heading to the Empire State Building, and they're set to learn a bit more about the subway along the way. And, boy do they! 

There are no shortage of facts about the New York Subway. 

Do you know why many platforms and tracks on the New York subway get some daylight...and sometimes even rain? The answer has to do with opening the streets like Broadway and digging a trench close to the subway. 

Lost in NYC is a book 
crammed with 
graphical brilliance, 
and above all, 
great storytelling. 

Curiosity lovers and history buffs will revel in the knowledgeable tidbits about the New York Subway system. Graphic novel enthusiasts will fall in love with the complex graphical layout of the novel. 

Lost In NYC is a gem amongst graphical novels. How could it not be. Visually stunning layers of graphical elements entertain us, just as 
as much as they inform and move the story forward. As you read the book, you feel like you are actually immersed in Manhattan. Each page moves and depicts time at different intervals. 

Lost In NYC is a joy to read. 

5/5 Sukasa Stars 

Lost In NYC is published by Toon Books
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