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Work: An Occupational ABC by Kellen Hatanaka

When I grow up, I want to be an...


This is quite an impressive list consisting of the most obscure jobs you can imagine. After all, we do tell our kids that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. Kellen Hatanaka is one step closer to making that happen. 

Visually engaging with simple illustrations and a understated approach at poking humour with an artistic flair, Work: An Occupational ABC doesn't possess the typically artistry you'll see in children's books. It has a retro feel. And a healthy dose of eccentricity is sprinkled throughout the picture book. The Lumberjack cutting a tree is being outsmarted by a beaver also knawing the same tree further below (disaster looms); the Postal worker with a stooped back struggles to carry a very big parcel (ironically a large "P").

The diversity of the professions is refreshing. This alphabetical tour is sure to open the minds of children and parents everywhere. Don't we have enough doctors and lawyers in the world? But there's also nothing wrong if your kid is naturally inclined to working on surgical sutures, or has a brilliant defence in favour of getting out of doing chores. 


Blog post by @ShilpaRaikar (Creative and Social Media strategist, decor enthusiast and book lover, who also writes for a branding blog:, as well as a lifestyle blog: T: @SukasaStyle) 
Work: An Occupational ABC is published by House of Anansi