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Notoriously down-to-earth with a straight-forward edge to her story-telling, Mindy Kaling (of highly popular sitcom The Mindy Project and The Office) is back with a new book. Why Not Me chronicle’s Mindy’s journey to find contentment in her life and her amusing view on the everyday moments. (If you watch The Mindy Project you will know just what I mean.) Just like in her show, she has a knack for taking us along the journey, while making us chuckle as we find the humour in the life’s experiences.

She credits some of her success as an actress to her experience working with Steve Carell on The Office.

“The reason is because I went to the best comedy acting program in the world: the Steve Carell School of Acting. The Office was like sitting through a seven-year master class on comic acting led by Steve.”

Going from what she says “a gleeful and inexperienced writer” to someone who has a hit comedy show that has just been picked up by Hulu (after Fox cancelled it) is quite an accomplishment. 

But she is humble about it all. 

“Sometimes you can get a second chance.”

“Sometime you get a third chance.”

And, this one that’s a bit cliché, but definitely the case for Mindy Kaling.

“If you believe in yourself and work hard, you have a fighting chance at having your dreams come true.”

Mindy also reveals some secrets on the process of writing (and pitching) The Mindy Project (or as she used to call it The Untitled Mindy Project).

Ingredient #1: A Big Funny Lead
Ingredient #2: A Compelling Setting
(This one is hilarious, because it was interesting that she wanted to write a show about doctors, and make the medical side of it front and center. But after speaking with her mom -- an OB/GYN -- was dissuaded by the premise.) 

In Why Not Me, Mindy Kaling also divulges how she deals with a bad day at the office. When she feels completely overwhelmed by her job and lies on the floor for her office to cry for ten minutes, she gives herself a pep talk (one we should all remember for our own lives).

“Then I think: Mindy, you have literally the best life in the world besides that hot lawyer who married George Clooney. This is what you’ve dreamed about when you were a weird, determined little ten-year-old. There are more than a thousand people in one square mile of this studio who would kill to have this job. Get your ass up off the floor and go back into that writers’ room, you weakling.

Why Not Me delivers more laughs and insights for Mindy Kaling fans everywhere. With revelations about her career, the show (inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice), and those relentless musings that one contemplates on a hot summer day, this is a book that is going to delight and kick off Fall with a shebang! 


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