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Way More Than Luck

Just as school is about to commence for another year, it's time to get pumped up and gear yourself to reach for the sky. As Mindy Kaling says, “If you believe in yourself and work hard, you have a fighting chance at having your dreams come true.” (Excerpt from her new book Why Not Me releasing this September.)  

It's also a reminder that you need Way More Than Luck to succeed. You need talent and a perseverance to go the course. Which is why this book piqued my interest. I've always wanted to learn how to write an amazing speech. I am speechless when I hear the inspiring words come out of some of the world's greatest leaders. 

Way More Than Luck features some of the best commencement speeches, with advice on how to do big things in the world. While some inspire more than others, each speech holds its own merit when it comes to the audience it was intended for. Medeleine L'Engle talks about facing challenges with courage while Eileen Myles focuses on choosing poetry over platitudes.

Debbie Millman has a thing or two to say about the importance of taking risks. 

"I discovered these common, self-imposed restrictions are rather insidious, though they start out quite simple enough. We begin by worrying that we aren't good enough, that we're not smart enough or talented enough to get what we want. And then we voluntarily live in this paralyzing mental framework, rather than confront our own role in this self-fulfilling paralysis. Just the possibility of failing turns into something self-fulfilling."

We live in challenging times where the pace of change is unnerving, challenges unending and disagreements abetted by always being online via social media unbridled. The onus to convince others is as important now as it had ever been and Way More Than Luck is a good way to hone one's skills in the process of persuasion.


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