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The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

In The Heart Goes Last, Margaret Atwood does what she does best. Amuse. Bemuse. Delight. Horrify. And finally, make us just a bit more aware of our world. The author manages to move readers towards a bigger cause without making them feel the weight of the ramifications.

Margaret Atwood never fails to provoke a discussion and invoke introspection. And her ideas linger in the soul long after the book starts collecting dust on your bookshelf. You hesitate to loan it to any of your friends on the off-chance you have an epiphany --a eureka moment-- and need to reread the book for clarification. 

The Heart Goes Last is about a seemingly normal couple (Charmaine and Stan) who have had hardships befall them. Times are tough and the story starts off with them living in their car. Then an opportunity arises, one which Charmaine is more excited about than Stan is. He is a cautious guy, after all. Why would someone just give them a chance to be part of an ultra important experiment - The Positron Project in the town of Consilience, where life seems to be just perfect. There must be a catch he feels. 

In the beginning they were happy. Life was comfortable. They had a house which they shared with another couple every month. They were employed and had responsibilities. Enjoyed a routine. But then it wasn't the beginning any more. 

Positively perfect Positron Project starts to exhibit questionable activities. And more and more Charmaine is starting to have skeptical notions about the once heavenly destination. 

What is expected of its citizens is compliance...unquestioning compliance. And going against it has consequences that both Charmaine and Stan find out about the hard way. Positron starts to look less like the utopia it had set out to be, and more like a chilling prophecy fulfilled.

Things are shifting very quickly. Even Stan and Charmaine aren't the people they once were...or are they? Charmaine has a shadowy side that Stan had underestimated. 

Margaret Atwood's craft is unbeatable. This richly imagined tale is over the top and yet so relatable, you won't be able to put it down. 


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The Heart Goes Last is published by Random House Canada, a Penguin Random House Company