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The Good Little Book

A beautiful story of Boy meets Book and falls in love. 

The Good Little Book is a story as beautifully told as it is illustrated. Very rarely do you get this kind of a perfect combination. I would love the know writer Kyo Maclear and illustrator Marion Arbona's secret.

The Good Little Book 

"had fine printed pages and a simple cover and a strong spine."

"The Good Little Book was neither thick nor thin, popular nor unpopular. It had no shiny medals to boast of. It didn't even own a proper jacket."

So starts the story of The Good Little Book. Then one day a boy wandered into the study because he had been sent there to "think things over" where he randomly picked up The Good Little Book and began to read. 

The boy loved the book so much. The Good Little Book dazzled him and stumped him. It made him laugh and gasp. It took him to a faraway land. 

"The book that the boy thought couldn't do anything did many things." 

Time passed and The Good Little Book was the boy's favourite pastime. He took the book everywhere. Then something terrible happened. The book disappeared. 

This is one of the most charming stories I've read in a long time. So delightfully clever with layers of meaning. 


The Good Little Book is published by Tundra Books

Review by
@ShilpaRaikar for @SukasaReads (a division of @SukasaStyle)

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  1. I'm really looking forward to this one. Really, what is better than a bookish book?!

  2. ;-) Very true. I'm certain that you are really going to like The Good Little Book.


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