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Bug In A Vacuum by Mélanie Watt

Sucked into the void of a vacuum bag, this cute bug goes through the five stages of grief. 

The bug was on top of the world when it happened. Then his entire life is changed with the switch of a button.

The illustrations are beautiful and there is so much to ponder at the turn of each page.  

The copy kept to a minimalist fashion will appeal to younger readers, as will the illustrations entertain them for a long time. I personally loved the thickness of this book. It feels substantial, and it is. There’s a lot to take in. 

Adults will also marvel in the complexity of Bug In A Vacuum by Mélanie Watt, as it is not a book that will not become a bore and a chore for them to read to their kids at bedtime (every night). Because whether you like it or not, the kids will be bugging you to read them Bug In A Vacuum over and over and over and over and over again.

The story is touching. Follow the emotional journey of a bug searching for light at the end of a vacuum tunnel.

Enjoy this trailer of Bug in a Vacuum by Mélanie Watt:


Bug In A Vacuum is published by Tundra Books

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