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Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

In his new book, Broken Promise, Linwood Barclay does what he does best...take us along for a white knuckled roller-coaster ride only to leave us hanging by our nails. Don't get me wrong, the ride's a thrill. Barclay has an uncanny ability to tie up most of the loose strings of the mystery, but he always leaves us a string or two in subplot loose, which you can bank on resurfacing in another book. 

After the death of his wife, and the collapse of his newspaper, David Harwood is at a loss, and has no choice but to uproot his nine-year-old son and move back with his parents in his childhood home in Promise Falls, New York. 

As a tragedy rocks the family, family secrets begin to slowly unravel. After the death of her newborn child, Marla, who is David's cousin has her health take a turn for the worse. As David is asked to check up on Marla by his mother, he is horrified to discover that there is a baby in her house that she's caring for. When he asks where it came from, Marla responds that it's a gift from an angel. 

When the baby's mother is found murdered, what ensues is a web of paranoia and a chance for David to once again put on his thinking cap and investigator's shoes and follow the story right to its source...even though this may mean that what comes to the surface may be uncomfortable for some. 

The book contains all the classic elements of a Linwood Barclay novel. From mysterious plots and sub-plots, with enigmas wound up in riddles, to over-heightened dramatic episodes from the book's main characters, rest assured that there's enough action to keep you turning page after page. 

Hazlitt is doing a special 4-part miniseries based on Linwood Barclay’s new novel, ‘Broken Promise’, performed by the author himself. 
If you'd like to listen to the first podcast, click here.


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Broken Promise is published by Random House Canada, a Penguin Random House Company  


  1. There was a great interview with him and Shelagh Rogers on "The Next Chapter" not long ago; it really made me smile (and want to read more of this books too)!

  2. Thanks for that great insight. I shall have to find that link to the interview. He does have an uncanny ability to keep the story moving forward with such ease. Have you checked out the miniseries for Broken Promise? I posted the link for the first podcast in the blog, but you can find all four episodes at the Hazlitt site.


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