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Alice's Adventure In Wonderland Decoded by David Day

"The popular view that Wonderland is simply a charming fairy tale full of frivolous nonsense that was made up on a summer's day is one that Lewis Carroll was happy to foster. Just as a magician would not wish to reveal the years of hard work and machinery behind some grand illusion, the author Lewis Carroll -- along with Charles Dodgson the amateur magician -- did not want his fairy tale to appear as anything less than an effortless work of pure imagination." 

Lovers of Alice In Wonderland will appreciate David Day's new book that hits the shelves next month, Alice's Adventure In Wonderland Decoded. This is full text of Lewis Carroll's novel with its many hidden meanings. 

It reads like a scholarly text. Intensely thorough. From the etymology of how the name Lewis Carroll came about, to questions of why someone would write a children's story in a code that is almost impenetratable (even to adults). 

But as the book argues, the tales actually do make sense -- albeit comic nonsense. 

"In fact, no real nonsense is spoken by any character; each is making sense on a different level by using everyday words with different definitions." 

It is suggested that Lewis Carroll's belief in the mystical significance and subliminal power of language and symbols is not a personal quirk, but rather, it was deeply rooted in his religious beliefs. 

But it was Charles Dodgson's passion for various things including mathematics, fairy tales, poems, riddles and games that provided the canvas for his profoundly complex tales. 

"He saw on literature a wide variety of types of entertainment that children lived; that would benefit them by keeping boredom, despair and temptation at bay; and that would -- as he strove to do (in a manner unlike any other children's author) in his eventual writing of the Alice books -- subliminally educate them."
This book is recommended for those readers with a cursory interest in hermeneutics.

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Alice's Adventure In Wonderland Decoded is published by Random House Canada, a Penguin Random House Company