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The Potato King by Christoph Niemann

How do you get people excited about something new when they have already made up their minds that they hate it? Well, Prussian King Frederick, nicknamed Fritz, found a way. Wanting to introduce a new crop from South America – yes, the potato – King Fritz decided to plant it for his people. But, his subjects did not follow in his enthusiasm. 

And so, to get them interested, Fritz used a technique that is all too common in the modern world. It’s called reverse psychology. He had his guards surround the potato fields. His subjects became curious. Why would a king heavily guard the potato field, they questioned. Deducing that the potato was probably something of high value, people started sneaking in at night and stealing them. The results speak for themselves. Even though the author cautions the story's historical accuracy by saying, "This story may be a myth," it's very clear that the potato has become one of the most common foods today. 

Using wonderful potato-stamped illustrations, Christoph Niemann brings the world of King Fritz to life beautifully creating intrigue and drama. The unusual, but effective illustrations draw you in, and add a wonderful playful banter and movement to a story, that may otherwise be quite dry. Introducing various concepts that kids will learn, including creative problem solving and a history lesson of sorts (although the author is quick to point out that this may or may not be true). 

The Potato King is published by Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL 

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