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Survival Strategies Of The Almost Brave by Jen White

A title that intrigues. A story that engages. Survival Strategies Of The Almost Brave by Jen White is a heartwarming tale of two sisters abandoned at a gas station by their dad. (Yes, that may not really sound heartwarming at first, but the relationship between the sisters, and their ability to charge ahead without fear holding them back is remarkable.)

Liberty is twelve years old, and the older of the two sisters. Billie is eight, and looks up to Liberty for guidance and protection. Sisters forever is their motto, but Liberty admits that being the older one can be hard. Billie can’t after all appreciate everything Liberty knows.

“Mom took it for granted that I did what I should. Twelve going on twenty-one, she had said. But what she didn’t realize was that I was always responsible because I had to be. At least, almost always.”

Liberty is hell-bent on being the best big sister ever. Ever since her mom suddenly died after being struck by a car, Liberty stepped into her big sister boots and decided that her stringy white hair, dark blue-eyed sister was her responsibility. Now, as she is faced with the fact that their unpredictable dad has abandoned them, she makes up her mind that just sitting here faking the fact that her dad is coming back, isn’t going to make it so. So, she decides she has to fix things.

And so, the adventure begins. As she and Billie struggle to make it home on their own, they encounter their own share of unpredictable characters. With a keen talent for strategy (probably honed by her obsession to National Geographic’s Hunter and Hunted series, Liberty records her animal-survival strategies in her notebook.

And what a wonderful collection of inspiring strategies Jen White has come up with for her characters.

Survival Strategy #3:

Survival Strategy #9:

Survival Strategy #15:

And, my absolute favourite….

Survival Strategy #50:

Sometimes you have to get a little lost to be found.


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Survival Strategies is published by Farrar Straus Giroux ( distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books (