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A Ticket Around The World by Natalia Diaz and Melissa Owens

Only one book gives you A Ticket Around The World. A young boy travels the globe, and takes you along with him for the journey. From Canada to Australia, his adventures in food, adventure, history, are sure to entertain kids of all ages. It’s great to give them a bigger picture of the world.

Beautifully illustrated and simplistically told, A Ticket Around The World is a slice of culture, that will no doubt heighten the curiosity of children. The downside is they just may nag you to take them all over the world. But, that’s not really a downside is it.

Blog post by @ShilpaRaikar (Creative strategist, decor enthusiast and book lover, who also writes for a branding blog:, as well as a lifestyle blog: T: @SukasaStyle) 

A Ticket Around The World is published by Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL

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