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Whiskey & Charlie by Annabel Smith

A coming of age tale that’s poignant and depicts family relationships as they really are…complicated. Whiskey and Charlie are twins, but Charlie thinks he’s got the raw end of the deal. Whiskey is everything Charlie is not. Whiskey seems to be taller, prettier and more of a charmer with the girls. 

The story is about brothers who’ve drifted apart. Can a tragedy bring them back again? Can old wounds be healed? 

"History is nothing more than the thin thread of what is remembered, stretched out over the ocean of what has been forgotten."

With Whiskey in a coma, Charlie is forced to return and face the sibling rivalry they had  become accustomed to. 

But things weren't always as sour. There were moments of fun during their childhood. Charlie remembers the time when they had a secret language they whispered back and forth on their walkie-talkies. This was one of the brothers' strongest bonding memories. Charlie remembers their code, their lifeline. It was also the reason Whiskey got his that persevered through to adulthood, even though sadly the twins bond did not.

Since Whiskey's accident, Charlie has begun to feel guilty about a whole host of things that never bothered him before. His relationship with Juliet, for example, one that impacted his relationship with Whiskey. But with Whiskey in a coma, can Charlie resolve the ugliness that has become the underlying norm in their relationship?

This is one of the most introperspective books in a long time that depicts the brothers’ relationship with such honesty and believability. We care about these characters, just in the same way we can relate to the complexity of their struggles growing up. It’s the story of a family that’s not quite as perfect as the TV shows depicts a family should be.


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