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See You Next Year by Andrew Larsen and Todd Stewart

See You Next Year by Andrew Larsen and Todd Stewart
A book that captures the nostalgia of summer in the same theme that Brian Adams was trying to capture in his song "Summer of 69" (except, of course, this is a children's PG version). 

There is also a theme of continuity and familiarity, as the girl recounts her fond memories of vacationing at the same place with her family year after year. Although the story doesn't really have any unexpected twists or surprises, it is a story that is bound to ground kids and give them a sense of expectation, norm and routine. 

The drawings aren't childish, they have a certain charm and grown up feel about them. Perhaps intended to make readers to feel just that...grown up. Aimed at 3-6 year-olds, this book will appeal to the kids who show the early signs of being book worms. How proud these kids will feel to read a book that sets them apart from the "baby" genre. 

See You Next Year reminds me of my own vacations as a child at the beach in Kenya. The journey was always the same, and my sister and I always we're excited at the familiar pit stops along the way....that delighted both our taste buds and provided ample gardens to run around in endlessly. Yes, now when I think back on those times, I can appreciate the same sense of normalcy and tradition. And that feeling of calm should be a part of every child's life. 

See You Next Year will make a great companion for your kids on their journey to the cottage this summer. After all, kids need to learn the true meaning of the phrase, "enjoy the journey...." 

3 out of 5 Sukasa Stars

See You Next Year is published by Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL 
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