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One of Dad's favourite things...GARDENING

So your Dad has a green thumb. Baffled about why he loves to spend hours outside tending to his garden, and getting his hands dirty in the mud? Here's a few reasons: 

1. Gardening is Creative 
2. It's Good For The Earth
3. Dad can grow his own organic vegetables 
4. Great form of exercise
5. It's good for the soul

If this is your Dad, forget about socks, or ties, or whatever random gift you were thinking you'd just pick up the day before. DK has you covered with a selection of gardening books, some encyclopedias if you may, that make a wonderful gift for the gardener at heart.

Canadian Gardener's Guide edited by Lorraine Johnson

It's a one-stop practical handbook for Canadian gardeners, and includes everything from choosing tools and designing your plot to filling your beds with flowers and vegetables. There is also expert advice on all the basics, with specialist topics such as kitchen gardening, pruning, and propagation. You'll also find step-by-step information on how to design your dream garden (believe me, it's not just about throwing a bunch of seeds all over and seeing them burst into colour). 

What Plant Where Encyclopedia (Canadian Edition) 

Gardens are many things to those who tend them – places of escape, places of connection, places of beauty, and more. But one thing is common to all gardens, wherever they may be. Each is an answer to the question "will this particular plant work in this particular spot?" 

Whether Dad's a complete novice or a seasoned expert, What Plant Where Encyclopedia by DK Canada will ground his gardening adventure in proven plant performers and combinations for particular conditions while at the same time encouraging Dad to explore, experiment and create thriving outdoor spaces with confidence. 

The book is divided into two sections. The first, Plant Locations, recommends for different growing conditions. The second, Plants for Special Effects, suggests plants suitable for different uses. More than 3000 plants are organized by size and situation. Complete with Canadian hardiness zone ratings and maps, What Plant Where Encyclopedia gives all the information that Canadian gardeners need to choose plants that will thrive in their region. 

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