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One of Dad's favourite things...Engineering

From the great pyramids to the the pioneers of space travel, Engineers by Adam Hart-Davis, is one book Dad will enjoy.

The Early Engineer
Isidore of Miletus
(c.474-558) and 
Anthemius of Tralles
(532-37) build the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. It's unsupported 105 ft (32 m) wide dome is the first of the kind.

Modern Times

Space Engineering
This isn't rocket science, but it is! Wernher Von Braun was the leading rocket engineer of the 20th Century. If you want to know all about him, read the entire section dedicated to him in the book. 

Towering Structures
Do you know who's considered the "Einstein of Structural Engineering"? Fazlur Khan from India is considered the architect of super-tall skyscrapers. With his revolutionary "bundled tube" system he helped shape urban skylines around the world. 

"I put myself in the place of the whole building, and visualize the stresses a building undergoes." ~ Fazlur Khan

It started off as a contest, to design a "wonder' to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French revolution. The architect, Gustave Eiffel, erected this grandeur in 1889 with his own money. At first Parisians hated it, dismissing it as ugly and monstrous, but it has become the jewel of Paris, attracting millions of visitors. Later in life, Eiffel became fascinated with aerodynamics, and built a laboratory for experiments at the top of the tower. 

A Transportation Revolution
And then, there's the titan of the engineerings world. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is considered the most innovative engineer of all the engineers of the Railway age. He captured the public imagination in his day, and has continued to be a source of inspiration ever since. In everything he did - his rail projects, his bridges and his ships - he challenged conventional thinking, which resulted in triumphant successes, as well as some spectacular failures. 

Engineers by Adam Hart-Davis, is a visual and in-depth guide to the world's greatest engineers and their groundbreaking achievements - from the ancient roman aqueducts to the large hadron collider. Some include personal accounts in the engineer's own words as they tell stories of their brilliance and perseverance in pursuit of scientific advancement.

Engineers by Adam Hart-Davis is published by DK Publishing
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