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One of Dad's favourite things...DC COMICS

DC Comics A Visual History
Comic books have come a long way from being thrown out when well worn to being sold for princely sums at auction when well preserved but for any comic book fan in general and DC Comics fan in particular, the DC Comics: A Visual History hardcover is an indispensable item for one’s library. 

Those who want to relive the various eras from the Golden Age of the 30s to early 50s, the Silver Age of the late 50s and 60, the Bronze Age spanning the 70s and early 80s, the Iron Age of the late 80s and early 90s when collecting comic books was at its apex, and the Modern Age from the 90s onwards would be hard pressed to find a book that is as visually stunning, informative, and beautifully bound with high quality paper and appealing slipcover.

Authors Daniel Wallace, Alan Coswill, Alex Irvine, Mike McAvennie and Matthew K. Manning have crafted a reference piece that is encyclopedic in its scope without being academic in its delivery –after all, this is the world of DC, whose characters are at the forefront of pop culture given the resounding success of Christopher Nolen’s Dark Knight Trilogy and the anticipation surrounding Zach Snyders’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie set to release in 2016. This is another gem for fanboys courtesy of DK Publishing.
Year 2011 from DC Comics A Visual History

DC Comics: A Visual History takes us through each decade and provides societal context as a backdrop to what the company was doing and the stories it created. For example, we are given a sense as to why DC’s superheroes first arose in the “Golden Age” during World War II and why their popularity fluctuated over the decades, mirroring American society, and reflecting its fads and mores.
Artwork by Alex Ross for Kingdom Come series

Interspersed amongst the information is the stunning artwork of the comic book pioneers and the modern masters who have pushed the envelope. 
Cover art from the Introduction to DC Comics A Visual History

This is a lovely gift for Father’s Day and is recommended. Check out some of the picture for a taste of what’s inside.

Blog Post by Arijit Banik, who channels The Dark Knight whenever he can!

DC Comics A Visual History is published by DK Publishing 
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