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And What If I Won't? by Maureen Fergus and Qin Leng

And What If I Won’t? is a snapshot of a conversation happening between a boy and his mom. Benny is one of those kids who just loves to give his parents a hard time. Whatever solution is presented to him, his natural instinct is to argue and disagree. 

The premise is great. And, parents will be certain to find And What If I Won’t? a hilarious read, especially when they put it into context of their own children who misbehave. There is a buildup of drama. Very relatable, of course. Just as the frustration is. Maureen Fergus does a great job of making us feel the upward trajectory of the behavioural graph.

But, I am curious as to how kids will perceive this book. How will And What If I Won’t? affect them? Because I subscribe to the philosophy that every kid is a sponge, my natural instinct is to analyze the effect this story will have. Will it cause them to be more disobedient? Will they also emulate the mess in the kitchen, just like Benny makes? How about the part where Benny writes all over the walls of his house with a permanent marker? I wonder if disobedient kids will find the pages where Benny throws his dinner plate absolutely funny. Are these actions in the book ones that may encourage bad behaviour? 

"Well," said Benny, "what would you do if I said that I liked being rude, that I didn't care about helping out around the house, and then I chucked my plate across the room?""I guess I'd try to catch the plate before it hit the wall," said his mom. 

If kids weren’t thinking about some of these unsavoury behaviours before, perhaps after they read And What If I Won’t? they may be inclined to have them on their radar.  

In the end it is up to the parent to monitor their children's reading habits. And What If I Won’t? is a fun book about about a young boy's mischievous one-upmanship. His mom goes along for the adventure while making sure that he doesn't stray too far from the ground. I can see a lot of laughter and delight from kids as they go along with Benny for the ride. 


And What If I Won't? by Maureen Fergus and Qin Leng is published by Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL 
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