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SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki

There is an absurdness to SuperMutant Magic Academy. But seriously, would you expect anything less from a title like that? So instead of deterring, it is the catalyst that pushes you to pick up Jillian Tamaki's book and steamroll your reading.  And, boy are you glad you did. Because in this oddly bonkers graphic novel, lie gems of insights. 

How does something seemingly insignificant become art? Jillian Tamaki makes his point by illustrating a dicussion between the students regarding an empty soda pop can. This is one of the many neat things that make you smile and have that epiphany. 

Another moment in SuperMutant Magic Academy pokes fun at the way we perceive others in our society. In this snippet, one student sees the the other as having the perfect life, with her perfect body and sculpted looks. But as you can see, that perception is flawed. Perfection only lies in the eye of the beholder. 

SuperMutant Magic Academy consists of many individual characters and their experiences in this bizarro school, some of which is poignant and relatable, while the rest is just an amusing adventure of strangeness.