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Kid Presidents - True Tales of Childhood From America's Presidents


Presidents were once kids. And just like every other kid, they pulled pranks in class (*ahem*...Lyndon Johnson), were clumsy, had weird hobbies (Teddy Roosevelt had a bedroom "museum" full of dead animals), and lots more. That's the premise behind Quirk BooksKid Presidents - True Tales of Childhood From America's Presidents.

The book is organized into three parts. The first highlights after-school activities of presidents such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. One of little Jimmy's most hated jobs was "mopping the cotton" that required him to smear cotton plants with a gooey bug-killing paste made from arsenic, molasses and water. This homemade poison was so potent, it attracted swarms of flies and honeybees. And, as for Bill Clinton, did you know that the six words that changed his life just may have been, "Billy, will you be my Froggie?" It's the lyrics to a song about a homely frog who asks a mouse to marry him. Yes, Bill Clinton was passionate about music, and he especially loved the music of Elvis Presley. He played music in his room, and even styled his hair like "The King". Sometimes at parties, Billy would apparently bring the house down with his hip-shaking Elvis impression. 

The second part of the book explores fantastic journeys of the likes of Barack Obama and George Washington. Kids will be able to relate to the current president with the intimate tales of his globetrotting. When Barack Obama moved from Hawaii to Indonesia his world changed from a normal suburban-like existence to and exotic locale where there seemed to be animals like turtles and iguanas everywhere. And, by everywhere, we mean right outside his house. Turns out his stepfather had quite an interesting hobby of his own: collecting exotic animals. But Barack Obama had another experience that some kids may be able to relate to: being harassed by bullies.

Part three encounters the hardship of the kid presidents growing up. Bullies, big brothers and even angry geese. They are stories of how these famous presidents, overcame all kinds of obstacles. Ha, and you thought life was so easy for them. 

Especially loved the section on President Report Cards

"Terribly stubborn about many things. He would insist on having his way not only with me, but with his mother." ~  Benjamin Harrison's Childhood Tutor.

Oh, what fun it is to be a kid. And, even more fun if you are reading about a really famous person as a kid. What a great way to get the kids into the love of history. 

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