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Dojo Daycare by Chris Tougas

Six little ninja arrive at Dojo Daycare ready to raise a ruckus.

Snack time or story time – it’s always time to tussle!

The Master is having a hard time keeping the discipline.

The question is, can he keep the peace and tame the young ninjas before a full-blown ninja riot results?

Then one kid stands up to them and yells, “QUIET!!!”

After giving a speech about reflecting on honour, kindness and respect, the other ninjas understand and fists turn into helping hands.

Working together, the ninjas stack the books and store the toys, and clean the dojo until it looks good as new.

The illustrations and characters of Chris Tougas book are great. Simple but impactful. The layout and storytelling perfectly mirrors the illustrations. Overall, there’s a nice rhythm to the pacing of the story with the theme…it is a ninja story after all.
wasn’t convinced of the validity of the story. The adult in me didn’t really understand why the five other ninjas would suddenly listen to the one ninja kid instead of their master.

However the child in me loved the rhythmic, rollicking tale of Dojo Daycare, and adored the digitally rendered ninjas popping off the page in this rowdy tale. It has a fun comic book feel, complete with big sound effects and comic expressions.

Dojo Daycare is being hailed as ideal for kids between 3-7 years of age. Personally, I think it's perfect for kids aged 2-3. I’ll be picking up a few copies of Dojo Daycare as holiday gifts for a few kids in my life. I know the adorable kidos will be constantly choosing Dojo Daycare as their favourite bedtime book because of the cool characters in their ninja outfits.


4 out of 5 Sukasa Stars

Dojo Daycare is published by OwlKids Books Inc.
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