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Family Furnishings by Alice Munro

Alice Munro needs no introduction. One of the most prolific writers of our generation, she reminds us that great literature is always a beautiful read. Winner of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize in Literature, her short stories encompass a depth and dimension that few writers can attain.

Her recently released book Family Furnishings encompasses selected stories from 1995 to 2014. It is intended to be a companion novel to Selected Stories (1968-1994). It was great to reread some of the stories that I had read before, and refreshing to encounter ones that I was unfamiliar with. A lot of the stories are based in the small towns and farms of southern Ontario. 

Slowly and steadily, she draws you into her stories, bringing you into the everyday world of the everyday man and woman. The stories are grounded in commonality; drawn to the emotionally entanglements and daily struggles and triumphs of folks that feel like you and me, it's inevitable to feel like you are a part of that world. 

Family Furnishings is a wonderful work of literature, and one that would be a perfect gift this holiday season for lovers of great literature and short stories. Literature that is of this calibre is not something meant to be read and tossed aside. It is meant to be savoured. Each time you come back to Alice Munro's stories, you'll discover something new, something wonderful, something brilliant, that you never noticed before. And for the writer in me, Alice Munro's Family Furnishings holds a academic joy that is constantly teaching me something new about story and structure.