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Always Abigail by Nancy J. Cavannaugh

As the name suggests, Always Abigail is book about Abigail. Written from a first person account, Always Abigail recounts the story of a sixth grader from her perspective. And, because it's written in first person, it makes it very a diary that would be written by a sixth grader. Full of doodles and rants and honest thoughts. Very cute!

Abigail is like any other sixth grader. The world revolves around her, and when things awry in her life, she’s not happy. The “tantrums” she throws are in her diary (or her head). But as she does, we get a beautiful insight into Abigail’s world.

All Abigail’s outbursts (silent or outward) are arguably reasonable. Wouldn’t you be upset if your two best friends are now in a different homeroom from you? You think things won’t change, but they do. They start hanging out with their new friends, and Abigail’s dream of being one of the pom pom girls with her two best friends is about to be threatened. Will their friendship survive?

And, what’s the deal with her being paired up with Gabby Margo, “the number one outcast at Crestdale Heights” for her friendly-letter assignment? What was Miss Hendrick (nicknamed “Old Hawk”) thinking?

Always Abigail is a book that is relatable to kids that age. The emotions are so raw, so real, so believable. It’s such a fun hilarious read. Nancy J. Cavannaugh has does a fabulous job in the book, and young minds will be hooked on the journey where Abigail has to choose between a little bit of popularity she has left or letting it go to be a true friend.