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Blog Tour - Even In Paradise by Chelsey Philpot and HCC Frency

 The moments that shape us are those when we are at an impasse and have choices to make. Those “yeses” or “nos” determine the people we become.
Charlotte Ryder is a student at St. Anne’s. One night, just as she is drifting off to sleeps she hears sounds outside her dorm room. It’s a combination of occasional dogs barking and then footsteps slapping on the concrete path. Then girls’ voices coming from right under the windowsill.
Chelsey Philpot
The voices belong to Julia Buchanan (former Senator’s daughter) and her friends, out after a night of drinking. Seems like Julia (Jules) has had a bit too much drink and is throwing up in the bushes. Sounds like her “friends” are thinking of abandoning her for the fear of getting caught by the night warden. Not surprisingly, they actually do leave her to fend for herself.
Luckily Charlotte comes to Jules' rescue. As they become fast friends after the incident, Charlotte finds herself drawn into a larger-than-life world of midnight rendezvous, dazzling parties, palatial vacation homes, and fizzy champagne cocktails. Can she fit in and feel right at home with this extravagance, opulence and ostentatiousness?
The Buchanans had a charm that was natural and addictive, and when Charlotte was with them she was happy. They were royalty. They seemed to have it all. And yet, they didn’t. Tragedy had hit them a few years prior when a car accident had taken the life of one their daughters, Julia’s older sister.
But life goes on, although Charlotte realizes that behind all the self-assured smiles, deep down Julia is still suffering from the tragedy. She is really as fragile and full of life as a flute of champagne teetering on the edge of a table.
Chelsey Philpot's debut novel has all the right ingredients for a story that’s wonderfully human and relatable, despite the setting and the characters. To clarify, I can’t claim I’ve ever visited the homes of any rich senators and been privy to interacting with their families, but Even In Paradise is one of those epic books that pulls you into a world of elites that you may long to be a part of, yet makes you feel (in retrospect) happy that you are not.  
I haven’t read We Were Liars, but I am told that it has a similar feel to it – a story about rich families with secrets. Perhaps it sounds a bit clichĂ©, but it was a story that kept me reading till the end.

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