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Wait For It. The Legen-dary story of How I Met Your Mother

Last night I Met Your Mother. Well, not really. But, I did get a chance to meet Jess McLean, author of the new book Wait For It, The Legen-dary Story of the cult classic TV show, How I Met Your Mother.

Hosted by ECW press, a crowd of folks in love with pop culture gathered at The Boxcar Social located in the swanky section of Toronto’s Yonge Street near Summerhill Station.

The curtains on the TV show have been drawn, but fans still revisit this legendary show to immerse in its nostalgia. Now, Jesse McLean has put together an entertaining examination of each of the nine seasons of the show, in his new book Wait For It.

Did you know that the show’s creators were drawn together by two loves: music and Wesleyan University? Before Craig Thomson’s percolating desire to write, he dabbled in handling drumsticks before he gravitated towards a pen. Does “Grandma’s Closet” ring a bell?

Along with an in-depth analysis of each season, Wait for It hails tons of pop culture facts about the characters as well as running gags, all just adding to our enjoyment of peeling all the layers of How I Met Your Mother. The fun, casual read just adds to the amusement of fans.

“Where does How I Met Your Mother fit into the pantheon of ensemble comedy? I think Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have learned lessons from Friends about the shifting dynamics between characters and the strength of keeping the core cast working together as often as possible. They’ve also created a world, like Seinfeld’s, that looks very much like ours but is also distinctly its own, one that works with stories that revolve around individual characters but ties up together nicely by the end of each episode.”

Jesse McLean also puts other popular shows like 30 Rock, Glee, Sex In The City and Modern Family, under a microscope. How does a show that takes on the changing face of families in twenty-first century America be a hit? Jesse thinks that Modern Family manages to maintain a high level of sharp writing that never quite tips over into door-slamming farce – and certainly never at the sacrifice of character integrity.

Jesse McLean also hints at some of the Canadian connections in the book:
Canadians say “eh” a lot – not to mention “about”Canadians constantly apologize (I’m sorry, but that’s just not true)Canadians have two religions: hockey and Tim Hortons (I have this on good authority that this is accurate)

You can read about the other Canadian stereotypes in the book.

If you were a fan of this beloved comedy, Wait For It will take you through the laughs, the heartache, and the behind-the-scene stories.

Jesse McLean is an award-winning writer, humorist and culture commentator. He is the author of Kings of Madison Avenue: The Unoffficial Guide to Mad Men. He’s new project will focus on the popular series Hannibal. Are you curious who his fave female character is on How I Met Your Mother? Comment below and we’ll tally the votes.