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Invitation to a Killer Luncheon


When you are invited to a Killer Lunch, you accept! No ifs or buts about it.

Seriously, what choice do you have when mystery authors Chris Pavone, Tess Gerritsen and Lorenzo Carcaterra are going to be there? So, on a leisurely Friday afternoon, when the welcome gates were open for me at Random House Canada’s offices in downtown Toronto, I was ready for anything.

Well, perhaps I wasn’t ready for caution yellow caution tape marking the entrance. Construction? This is not a swift conclusion on my part. If you are wandering anywhere around downtown Toronto these days the décor trend is undoubtedly caution tape. As I walked cautiously into Random House's office, this yellow focal point was making my nerves act up…but it was a good kind of nervous. It was akin to entering a room from which my psyche would not be able to erase.

The caution tape at the Random House Canada office was just one of the many props, which lavishly set the stage for a perfect crime: body outlines on the floor were accompanied with crime scene evidence on the table. A bloody glove and a replica of a gun, were just some of the few items in question.

Luckily, the horror scene was just a brilliant backdrop, overshadowed by the sound of bubbly champagne mixed with the clinking of glasses. Ahhh, this Killer Luncheon will remain a sweet memory. Guests arrived and before realizing I was lucky enough to be sitting next to each one of the three killer authors. Lucky for me, I had their undivided attention as they stuffed their mouths with Premeditated Orzo & Pea Salad and Clear and Present Chicken. Muahahaha! 

In the midst of all clatter, each author took turns narrating their story. Tess Gerritsen, whose real name is Terry, spent her former life playing a doctor in internal medicine. During my one-on-one face-time we chatted openly about our careers and love of writing, while wholeheartedly agreeing that lots of parents prefer to have their kids in “notable” well-understood professions, rather those associated with the arts. For Tess (now a retired physician), a life thinking about crime seemed like a better option. She says she writes about mystery because the idea freaks her out -- she likes to get in touch with what scares her; always searching the newspapers for stories that pique her interest and send a tingle down her spine. Why was a morgue in a small town called “the house of rejuvenation”? Well, that’s a mystery that you may just have to ask her someday.

Given her start as a romance author for Harlequin books, it seems a leap to think that crime writing would be the vocation today, but Tess loves to try different things and she says that it was only after she wrote ten books did she become a bestseller. That book was called Harvest. 

Chris Pavone's life in crime had different beginnings. He started off in book publishing, a career in which he has very fond memories. It’s no wonder that his book The Accident is set in the backdrop of the publishing industry. “When you work in book publishing every day you get to experience something new.” We had a lovely conversation about sailing and a life of writing. Note to self, learn more about “optimists”…the boat, not the folks. 

The Optimist is a small, single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by children up to the age of 15. Nowadays boats are usually made of Fiberglass, although wooden boats are still built.
It is one of the most popular sailing dinghies in the world, with over 150,000 boats officially registered with the class and many more built but never registered.
Lorenzo Carcaterra is a writer in action. He’s actually written several screenplays for Hollywood and his new book is called Wolf. “Books aren’t dying,” he insists. “There’s a passion there. We’re lucky to be doing what we are doing, and you are the guys that make it happen.” 

I could go on and on about this killer luncheon, but I’d like to sign off with a slice of killer carrot cake. If you’d like to win either Chris Pavone’s or Lorenzo Carcaterra’s book (thanks to Random House Canada) there are three key pieces of evidence you must leave:
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Thanks again Random House Canada for hosting such a killer event.