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BUTTERFLY KILLS: A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery

A university student named Leah Samson is murdered in her apartment in Kingston.

Across town, homemaker Della Munroe is raped by her husband. 

Then... a second homicide. All this takes place in a span of a few days. 

Is there a connection? At first it appears implausible -- after all, Kingston, Ontario is a small town and the paths of strangers are bound to cross.

Yet, as the mystery unfolds, the two women appear to have interconnected existences. Perhaps it's a mere coincidence? Or perhaps there's an intricate web of secrets in place?

It is this murder mystery that keeps detective Kala Stonechild in Kingston (at least for the time being) while she deals with her own demons for she hasn't quite figured out where she wants to settle down. Notwithstanding Kala's angst and search for a place to call home, Sergeant Rouleau, her supervisor, remains happy having her on his team in the interim and hopefully for the longer term.

As secrets unfold, as motives unravel, and as mystery becomes entangled among the mundane, the reader remains intrigued. 

As lovers and strangers ebb and flow in a series of stories, Butterfly Kills makes us want more. Brenda Chapman, knows how to delicately introduce characters without making them seem as an afterthought. Each story arc stays in the map of mind as the reader turns the page.

Leah, the student who is murdered creates such an strong impression in our minds, despite the fact that her life comes abruptly to an end shortly after we begin the book. We want to know more of this young woman who worked worked part-time at the crisis hotline on Queens campus. 
Until a month ago, she had a boyfriend (Wolf) who also worked at the hotline. But, with rumours of an affair floating around, the evidence naturally points to the jealous boyfriend. Revenge can be deadly.

A great read, from a writer who knows how to build a plausible whodunit mystery, which keeps the reader engaged right till the end. Butterfly Kills is not out until January 2015, but it's one you should be on the lookout for a quick, satisfying read. Thanks to Dundurn Press for the advanced copy.

4 out of 5 Sukasa Stars
Butterfly Kills is published by Dundurn Press.

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