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Laughing All The Way To The Mosque by Zarqa Nawaz

Laughing all the way to the mosque. Does the title have a familiar ring to it? Then you are not wrong. 

A memoir (of sorts) from the creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie. 

If you watched the TV show and loved the quirky story lines that focused on a culture clash, you probably will love this book by Zarqa Nawaz. 

She narrates her own absurd challenges to situations in everyday life. For example, wearing a hijab in western society; having inherited her dad's genes and being blessed with hairy legs. Oh the horror of having to show her legs in gym class! How can she overcome her dilemma of shaving or facing embarrassment, when her mom believes shaving legs is un-Islamic and that au naturel is better. 

Then there's flirting advice from her mom, which seemed rich to Zarqa, since her mom had always advocated that flirting was forbidden in Islam. Her mom's seduction advice was along the lines of "small talk" such as asking guys where they bought their prayer mats from.

Laughing All The Way To The Mosque paints a hilarious portrait of growing up in a Muslim household in a western society. As Zarqa tries to blend into a society that follows different rules that her own, what transpires is sometimes a funny combination of witty insight and understanding.

How do you get around eating at McDonalds if you are Muslim? Well according to Zarqa's father, the Quran says it's okay to eat at McDonalds -- but only if you order the McFish. 

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3.75 out of 5 Sukasa Stars
           Laughing All The Way To The Mosque is published by Harper Collins Canada.

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